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  • Quest Price Alert - 1.1

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    Quest Price alert is a expert,  alerts you by SMS  when the price reaches certain levels or meet the trend line that are set by the trader.Easy to know having a price alert sent to you when a currency pair hits your price!


    Quest Price Alert is an excellent supplementary tool for today's highly mobile foreign exchange trader. This unique service will keep currency traders close to the rapidly changing forex market even when they are away from their screens by using the parameters of their trading strategy to set alerts on rates and technical indicators, No matter where you are around the globe, it allows you to utilize your mobile phone to receive your preset alerts in a manner that is convenient and functional.

    When will Price alert SMS send to you?
    The price almost meet the horizontal line or trend line;
    • Monitor the price meet to horizontal line or trend line;
    • No need to open other website, all setting be done in you local pc side;
    • Up to 100 text alerts each month;
    • Compatible with MT4 MT5 broker(4 digit, 5 digit);
    • View your all history message;
    • Easy Installation and Free Updates;
    • Change your cell phone number in anytime; 
    • And much more!

    System Requirements:

    Windows, MT4/MT5