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  • OnLAN Messenger 4, 200 license package

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    OnLAN Messenger is a fast, safe, fully controllable, and resource efficient messaging service (instant messenger). OnLAN Messenger is a corporate oriented solution that will help you to improve the messaging abilities of your company (including sister companies). OnLAN Messenger is an enterprise instant messenger.

    OnLAN Messenger messaging service is a client-server multi-user application for instant messaging and file exchange (instant messenger). This product has been developed for using within corporate networks (enterprise instant messenger), therefore its functions and settings are primarily meant for handling the needs of organizations of all sizes, providing a safe and configurable tool for instant messaging and receiving necessary user information. The main difference between OnLAN Messenger and other similar programs (ICQ, Jabber, MSN etc) is that OnLAN Messenger is easily modifiable and features flexible security policies, which can be set up on the server and made mandatory for all clients. Program features are designed specifically for corporate use: clients are unable to close the program, offline messages are enabled, message status (delivered, shown, read) is recorded, delivery is guaranteed, complete records of all messages are kept, etc.

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